Light the Fright

Galeophobia: Fear of Sharks

March 29, 2019

Miranda and Natalee chummed the water! Now let’s dive headfirst into Galeophobia: the fear of sharks. This powerful predator’s toothy grin was too much to resist for our first episode. We discuss the 1916 New Jersey Shark Attacks and the media-fueled panic in the bloody aftermath. A closer examination of shark biology and psychology may dispel some myths for you. We teach you how to speak shark like a pro and fight your natural instincts to survive. Mix up a “Blood in the Water” cocktail for this deep dive, starring the antagonist of Natalee’s reoccurring nightmares.

Sources: “Close to Shore” by Michael Capuzzo; Dr. Erich Ritter at and; “Blood in the Water: Shark Bite Cocktail”www.mixthatdrink.comhttps://www.natgeokids.comwww.fisheries.noaa.gov


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