Light the Fright

Fear of Sinkholes

April 5, 2019

¡Feliz Sinkhole de Mayo! Every day is a party when the ground can open its jaws and swallow you whole at any moment. Fall into a pit of murder, catastrophe, Mayan sacrifices and missing lakes as Natalee and Miranda take you deep into the earth’s crumbly, flaky crust.

Sources: “Twisted Justice” by Rube Waddell; “Sinkhole Cocktail: Ceiba’s ‘Sinkhole De Mayo’ On Menu Until D.C. Sinkhole Fixed” by Erin Ruberry at The Huffington Post; “Body buried in Fla. sinkhole leaves troubling questions” by Rick Jervis at USA Today;; National Special thanks to our brave friend, Mr. Lamar English.

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